Hiroshima World Heritage Sea Route

Book tickets

The way of booking.

If you are boarding with reservation, you come to the pier the day before the boarding date, please tell the staff.

The way of boarding ship.

  • Passengers who use one-way or round tickets

  • Please come to pier by 15 minutes before departure.

  • Passengers booking tickets please inform us of your name.

  • Please buy a ticket with vending machine.

  • Please show our staffs your ticket, and then we will exchange your ticket for a number card .

  • Please show us your number card at departure time. After that, you can board a ship.

  • Passengers who take a return ship.

  • Please come to the ticket office,which is near pier, as soon as possible.

  • Please show our staff your return ticket, then, we will give you a number card for booking you return seat.

  • After booking your seat, let's enjoy sightseeing!!

  • Notice! Please come back to pier by 15 minutes before departure.

  • When you board on ship, you need to exchange your ticket for your number card.

Teach Me, Captain

What's different between tickets and number cards?

To ticket the boarding ticket

You need to buy a ticket with vending machine and hand us it. After that, we'll give you a number card.
Time and number are written in your number card. When you get off ship, we will collect these number cards .Please keep it at that time. Passengers who bought round tickets have to get your number cards for return, as soon as you will arrive at destination.