We prohibit you from the followings by law. In the case of not obeying the regulations, you will be punished.

  • To operate navigation facilities and equipment in the ship without permission.
  • To enter the prohibited area for no reasons.
  • To use life jackets and emergency equipment for no reason.
  • To smoke except for designated area.
  • To damage signs which indicates the way for boarding ship and protecting passenger, and move these signs for no reasons.
  • To throw glass, stones, and other dangerous thins away to ships.
  • To throw something to the river.
  • To disturb other passengers.
  • To corrupt public morals and have a trouble to other passengers.

<Condition and terms>

Thank you for your understanding these terms in order to keep your security and smooth operation.

About treatment for dangerous substance.

  • You must not bring dangerous object.
  • We will ask you not to bring it, when you are under suspicion of having a dangerous object.
  • When you are under suspicion of having dangerous objects, we will ask you to check your luggage.
  • In that case, we will never take a liability whether the damage is accidental or intentional , if you suffer damage by above mentioned.

Please cooperate to find dubious things.

  • If you discover suspicious items in our ship or waiting room, please notify us as soon as possible.