Miyajima Light-up Cruise

Book / tickets

The way of booking

You make a reservation for a Website or FAX.
We would accept cancellation and changing your reservation. Please feel free to contact us.


We respond to your inquiry around the clock.


We respond to your inquiry around the clock.
(Accept until 18:00 of the day before boarding.)

Information for reservation


Mobile number(Tel number which we can reach you on booked date )


The number of people(Adult、Children、Infant)

FAX number(If you make a researvation by FAX.)

Confirm your order

Please check information about cancelation of service and available seats by our time-table.

Terms and conditions

We would accept your reservation until 2 hours before departure. Other passengers may cancel their reservation and you may get available seats on the day, even if seats are reserved. So please feel free to contact us.

The way of boarding ship

  • Please come to waiting room at Miyajima 3rd Pier by 10 minutes before departure.

  • Please inform us of your name.

  • Please buy your ticket by vending machine.

  • Our staff will show you to pier, when the boarding time comes.

  • After cruising, you will get off the ship at pier which you got on ship.

Teach Me, Captain

Can I take your ship without reservation?


Miyajima Light-up Cruise always requests you to make a reservation. We will accept reservation until 2 hours before departure. First of all, please check our timetable on our website. Even if you can't find available seats which you want, please free like to contact us,because other passengers may cancel their reservation.