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About our service

  • Do you operate your boat despite of rainy day?

    Our boat"Mikasa Maru" has a roof, so we go through with it rain or shine.

  • Is the boat able to pass under the Otorii Gate?

    It depends on weather , sea level and event of shirine.

  • Can boats pass under Otorii at high tide?

    It depends on wind condition and sea the tide.

  • What time does Otorii illumination start?

    It depend on the time for getting dark,because light which illuminate with Otorii and Itsukushima shrine has a sensor. The sensor react to darkness.

  • How long does cruise take?

    It takes 30 minutes.

  • Is there any no operation day?

    On Miyajima underwater fireworks day and Kangensai, which is a miyajima's local event, and July 7th , we don't operate our cruise.

About Access

  • Can I catch the last ferry from Miyajima, after we will take your last cruise?

    The last ferry from Miyajima leaves at 22:14.

  • How do we get to your cruise pier from Miyajima Ferry terminal?

    After exiting from ferry terminal, turn left and go straight for 100m. There are Miyajima 3rd Pier and waiting room.

About boarding

  • Can I use wheelchair in your ship?

    No, you can't.The ship has some steps, so you can't board a ship with wheelchair.

  • Can I bring a baby carriage?

    No , we don't have enough space to bring it.

  • Can I take my pets such as dogs or cats ?

    No , you can't take your pet, even if your pet is in cage.

  • Do you sell a drink and food by ship?

    We don't sell.

  • Can I bring something to eat?

    Yes, you can, but please pay attention other passengers.

About reservation and charge

  • Can I change my reservation time?

    If some available seats are left,we can accept your reservation. So please reply to your reservation mail beforehand.

  • How should I do when I apply for cancellation of my reservation.

    So please reply to your reservation mail as soon as possible.

  • Do you need charge for cancellation?

    Normally, you don't need to pay cancellation fee.

  • Do you have any group discount or handicapped discount?

    I'm sorry, we don't have neither.

  • Where can I buy a ticket?

    Some Hotels and accommodations in Miyajima Island sell our tickets. General passengers pay in cash before boarding a ship.