Service Discontinue Notice

Dear Passengers,

We are very sorry to announce that the Miyajima O-torii Route is no longer offering its service from the end of March 2018. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you for using our services for the past four years.

Moreover, we will offer special services for passengers who already made a reservation and during busy season.

We ask for your kind understanding and continuous support.

Thank you very much.

Aquanet Hiroshima


Miyajima O-torii Route

Book tickets

The way of booking.

You make a reservation by E-mail or FAX.
We would accept cancellation and changing your reservation. Please feel free to contact us.

Information for reservation


Phone number


The number of people(Adult、Children、Infant)

The number of car(When you need to use parking area)

FAX number(If you make a researvation by FAX.)

Attention for customer coming by car.

We have a parking area for 120 cars, but during busy season sometimes it might be full. We will keep your parking spaces , so please contact us on.


I'm sorry we can't accept reservation on the day, so please make a reservation by previous day.
If you use a wheelchair and have a handicapped certificate, please inform us before buying your ticket.

The way of boarding ship

  • For one-way user

  • Please come to pier by 15minutes before departure.

  • If you have had a resarved ticket,please notify our staffs.

  • Please buy your ticket by vending machine※

  • Our staffs show you into the ship.

  • ※During busy season, we give you a ticket and a number card.

    (When you embark, we’ll collect your number card)

  • Passengers who take a return ship.

  • Please come to pier by 15minutes before departure.

  • Our staffs show you into the ship.

  • After checking your ticket,our staffs show you into the ship.※

  • ※During busy season, we give you also a number card in our waiting room.

    (When you embark, we’ll collect your number card)

Teach Me, Captain

Can I take your ship without reservation?


You can take our ship without reservation.However , when available seats aren't left,you can't take our ship without resarvation. We recommend you make a reseervation.(We could accept cancelation and changing your resarvation,if your schedule were to change . )