Service Discontinue Notice

Dear Passengers,

We are very sorry to announce that the Miyajima O-torii Route is no longer offering its service from the end of March 2018. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you for using our services for the past four years.

Moreover, we will offer special services for passengers who already made a reservation and during busy season.

We ask for your kind understanding and continuous support.

Thank you very much.

Aquanet Hiroshima


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About our service

  • Do you operate your ship despite of rainy day?

    Our ship"Mikasa Maru" has a roof, so we go through with it rain or shine

  • When do you stop your operation?

    Due to bad weather such as typhoon, we may stop our service.

  • Is the ship able to pass under the O-torii Gate?

    Our ship go around O-torii Gate , but don't pass under O-torii Gate.

  • How long does it take?

    Our service for Miyajima will take 25 minutes, and for Ono will take 15 minutes.

  • Is the ship rolling a lot ?

    The bottom of the ship is flat, so It's not rolling so much.

About Access

  • When we go to Ono Pier by car, what's a landmark?

    Aki Grand Hotel is close to our pier, and it is 100meters to the west from there.

  • Which station is the nearest Ono pier?

    JR Maezora Sta. is the nearest station from Ono pier. And it takes 8 minutes from there on foot. Detailed map

About boarding

  • Can I bring something to eat or drink in the ship?

    Yes,but please pay attention to other passengers.

About reservation and fare.

  • How much is cancelation fee?

    Basically, you don't need to pay cancellation fee.