About our service

  • How long does it take to get there ?

    It takes about 45 minutes.

  • Is there any suspension day?

    We provide you with our services all the year round , however, due to bad weather we might stop the ship service.

  • Why does your route change and cancel, due to the tide level?

    Our ship pass on the river,so, high water level prevent us to go under bridge, and may cause our ship to be stranded. In that case we cancel our services. When you check our cancelation, please check here..

About Access

  • Where is the pier?

    Please check here.

  • Please tell me how do we get to pier from Hiroshima Sta.

    Please check here, when you come from Hirosima Sta.

  • Do you have any parking area?

    I'm sorry but we have no parking. Please park in neighborhood.

About boarding

  • Can we take a reserved seat?

    Our ship has benches and these seats are no reserved seats.

  • Can I go to the open deck?

    You can go to the open deck. But you will not be able to get out to the deck when the captain is determined to be dangerous (weather and tide).

  • Can I get on board ship with a wheelchair?

    Yes, you can use your wheelchair. However, there is a stairway at the shore, and our ship are small, so we have only a room for one wheelchair.Click here to check.

  • Can I bring a baby carriage?

    There are small spaces for your luggage, but sometimes you can't it,due to crowded.

  • Can I bring a bicycle on ship?

    No, you can't. Because a ship does not have a place to put a bicycle on.

  • Can I go on board with my pets such as a dog or a cat?

    No, you can't

  • Do you sell a drink and food by ship?

    We don't sell.

  • Can I bring something to eat or drink?

    You can bring it, however because there are other passenger, you should not bring something to smells bad.

  • Is there a restroom on the ship?

    Yes, there is a restroom on each ship.

About Pier

  • Is there any coin locker at Motoyasubashi Pier?

    No,there is not. There are some coin locker around pier. Click here to check.

  • Is there the restroom at Motoyasubashi pier?

    There is no restroom here. But restroom are located in around the pier, please check here.

  • Is there any coin locker at Miyajima 3rd pier?

    There is no coin locker , please use the coin lockers of the ferry terminal.

  • Is there any restroom near Miyajima 3rd pier?

    There is no restroom on the waiting room, but a public restroom is provided in ferry terminal.